Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Been a while

HI there everyone...sorry it has been a while...I thought I would give you all an update...
I was busy student teaching this past spring and early summer. I spent 13 weeks teaching 8th and 9th grade English at Kittitas Secondary School. I had a wonderful master teacher and I had a great experience. Olivia and I then headed to California for 5 weeks so that I could student teach at Foothill High School summer school. I ended up with only one 3 hour period of 9th graders. This was an amazing experience working with a difficult population of students. It really confirmed that I love working with freshmen!
So here I am back in Washington with Chris and I am just staying home for now. Once I get my credential transferred over to a WA credential, I am hoping to substitute teach a couple days a week next school year! Right now I am enjoying staying home with Olivia.
Speaking of my beautiful baby girl...she has changed so much these past couple of months. She is now beginning to talk..she says mama, dada, papa (my dad), Jada (our dog), bye bye, stop (usually to the dog), and her own version of all done (it sounds like ah-duh). She stands pretty well on her own and will take one step, but she knows she can move a lot faster if she crawls!
Our weekends are booking up with camping trips, weddings and birthday parties...so there are a lot of pictures and updates to come!

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